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You can find suggested steps for planning and installation, advice from teachers who have hives, and template documents you may use on our Getting Started tab. If you have a quick question don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below. If you need more 1:1 coaching, we also frequently provide consulting services for a small fee to support our outreach efforts. Please note that as we are a small volunteer group, our responses are often delayed (especially during the school year).



Allison, Sadie, Noah, and Jeff building hives!

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Classroom Hives Board Members:

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Jeff teaching the group his carpentry skills!

Ms. Benadette Manning, Board President/Secretary
Mathematics Teacher, Fenway High School, Boston, MA, USA

Ms. Jacqueline Beaupré, Board Webmaster/Teasurer
Integrated Science Teacher, Hingham High School, Hingham, MA, USA

Mr. Jeff Murray, Board Member, Past President
Master Beekeeper and Amateur Honey Bee Researcher

Mr. Larry VandeVenter, Board Member
Master Beekeeper
Retired Water Treatment Expert


Advocates/Former Board Members:

Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, The Best Bees Company, Boston, MA, USA

Ms. Jenerra Williams
Elementary Education Teacher, Mission Hill Elementary School, Boston, MA, USA

Mrs. Allison Houghton
Assistant Grower, The Food Project, Boston, MA, USA

Mrs. Sadie Richards
Solid Waste & Recycling Coordinator, City of Melrose DPW
Co-Founder, Boston Area Beekeepers Association, Boston, MA, USA

Ms. Itzie Garcia
Bakery Dept. Manager, Whole Foods, Boston



Jenerra’s Mission Hill School hive.


The information provided in this Instruction Manual is provided solely for the user’s benefit, so users should read the Instruction Manual fully and carefully before building an observation hive and follow the instructions provided in their entirety, as failure to follow the instructions provided could result in injury to you or damage to your property. Children should always have adult supervision when interacting with an observation hive. This Instruction Manual is provided “AS IS,” without representations or warranties of any kind. Every effort has been made to make sure that that the information provided in this Instruction Manual is accurate and up to date, and Classroom Hives Inc. is not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from the user’s use or misuse of this Instruction Manual or the information provided therein.”

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